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Three reasons why the ITIWIT 10 foot touring paddleboard is the perfect beginner/intermediate board

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The ITIWIT 10 foot touring board from Decathlon is the perfect beginner to intermediate paddleboard.

As an instructor and keen paddleboarder I have had the opportunity to try out a range of different paddleboards.

I personally own two of the ITIWIT 10 foot touring boards and would suggest them to anyone looking to purchase their first paddleboard or someone looking for a board that they want to use for half day tours.

So here are my top 3 reasons why the ITIWIT 10 foot touring paddleboard is the perfect beginner/intermediate board.

1. Stability

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Unlike most cheap entry level paddleboards, the ITIWIT 10 foot touring board gives great stability.

I've had friends who’ve purchased cheap paddleboards from Amazon and been really disappointed.

The most common issues with cheap boards are they are too narrow which makes the board wobbly and too thin making the board bend like a banana.

When the board is too narrow you’ll find it really tricky to stand up and gain confidence.

The ITIWIT board is 32 inches wide, making it super easy to stand up on and balance.

It is also 5 inches deep which creates a stiff platform making the board super stable in the water = no banana board.

The main downside to a wider board is that it isn't as streamline in the water. 

If you're not planning on going on massive journeys then you won’t have a problem at all.

2. Shape/design

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Shape and stability might seem similar but there are some big differences.

The design of the ITIWIT 10 foot touring board gives it a more pointed shape compared to other cheap boards.

Most cheap paddleboards will have a rounded end making them less efficient in the water.

The ITIWIT’s pointed design gives the board great glide performance making it perfect for journeys and playing in small waves.

The front of the paddleboard also has bungee straps which are perfect for storing drybags and other items under whilst out on the board.

The quality of the build on the paddleboard is also great from ITIWIT. I’ve had mine for over 2 years and haven’t had a single issue.

Its robust and impact-resistant glued drop stitch & PVC construction makes the board perfect for everyday wear and tear.

3. Weight

IMG 20200521 180440

The weight of the board comes in at 9kg.

Only being 9kg means it's easy to carry to and from the water.

The ITIWIT paddleboard is stored in a bag which has backpack straps making it easy for you to carry it to location before inflating.

The bag can easily fit a paddle and pump in, leaving your hands free to snap a pre-paddle selfie.

The maximum recommended weight for the rider is 80kg. If you’re over 80kg the board will be more unstable and I’d suggest going up a size to the 11 foot version.

The 11 foot paddleboard is built exactly the same just longer, which will give you more stability.

Paddleboard kit

The price of the ITIWIT 10 Foot touring board is £299.99, this doesn’t include a paddle or pump.

When purchasing the board you’ll need to get a paddle and pump too. The standard ones from Decathlon are great and the total price including pump and paddle will come to just under £380.

£380 can sound quite expensive for your first paddleboard, but think of it as an investment into your new hobby.

This will be a one off cost and from then onwards paddleboarding is free.

Find more info on the ITIWIT 10 foot paddleboard here.

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by Jonny Berry

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