Classmates Woodland Tribute to Alfie

Local mum organises heartwarming tribute to celebrate Alfie’s short life and his love for adventure

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This week, Land & Wave had the absolute pleasure of entertaining 26 children from St. Peter's Primary school, who came to celebrate the short life of classmate Alfie.

Alfie McDermott, aged 7, suffered a fatal asthma attack in June this year, leaving his young friends and family heartbroken.

Selfless mum, Jen, organised the day out for Alfie's friends to help give them a chance to celebrate his life, doing something he loved: bushcraft and adventure.


Jen said, "In the middle of this madness we are trying to keep Alfie’s memory alive. At school, they did a forest school type thing that Alfie and all his friends loved so this seemed like the most fitting thing to do." 

archery girl

Alfie's classmates enjoyed a day of archery, firelighting, bread making and marshmallow toasting, all in our atmospheric woodland setting near Corfe Castle. 

Alfie group

The seven and eight-year-olds got really stuck in to trying every activity and there were smiles all round, especially when it came to marshmallow toasting time! Here's Alfie's younger brother, Harry, showing everyone how it's done...

Rainbow Alfie

A note from Alfie's mum, Jen...

"Thank you guys. I was so amazed by the love and genuine care. It honestly brings a tear to my eye thinking how great everyone was and were doing it just to be nice.

I don’t know where those 3 hours went but it was filled with laughter and joy which is exactly what we need as a family right now. It was so much more than we could of wanted or imagined!

The kindness you have shown by giving us this truly treasured memory with Alfie’s friends, will honestly stay with us for ever. It was the best form of therapy. I can’t believe how generous Land & Wave has been.

Finally, I would like to share with you this picture: all the kids at the end of a wonderful day. Alfie always loved rainbows! And since he passed, he sends them to me as a sign to say he’s with me. The only other ‘real’ rainbow I got was at his funeral. But when this picture was taken, he was shining a rainbow down on all his friends with the picture of him! Even Alfie wants you to know how truly special yesterday was."

marshmallows Harry

by Rosie Tanner

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