Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas isn’t something to fear. Christmas gives us great opportunities and all you need to do is take that step forward, so put that phone down and come and join us.

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It’s the Biggest Christmas Sale EVER!....How many times have you heard that? It's right up there with yet another playing of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’, by Mariah Carey and being asked ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ by friends or family?

Christmas has long been a shameless 4 month long sales pitch. Since that moment in September when you saw your first box of mince pies of the season, to those awful, awful Christmas trinkets in shops across the land, surviving Christmas is now many people’s sole intention.

Its true meaning has been lost in a torrent of ‘must have’ gadgets, latest games, Marvel Blu-Rays or those spiritually worthless baubles that only see the light of day the once.

So what is the true spirit of Christmas you (may) ask? Well, its adventure of course! How could it be anything else? We’re Land & Wave, Adventure is our thing. Adventure is everything!

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We have the perfect way to survive Christmas and the first thing you need to do, is step away from that TV Guide, put the phone down and stay away from that computer. If you’re hitting the internet at 6am on Christmas morning to search through the online sales, dude, have a look at yourself in the mirror!

They say that ‘Christmas is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ and it is. It really is! Winter provides so many amazing opportunities. It gives us the opportunity to get out there to explore that trail, walk that coast, enjoy that sunrise and embrace all the unique experiences that only Winter can provide.

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With many of us taking some time away from the crushing reality of responsibility, we owe it to ourselves to see what’s out there. Don’t just use the time to go shopping, unless of course you are buying a tasty pair of new Berghaus walking boots. That is acceptable.

In January, Christmas will be over for another year and your New Year ‘celebrations’ and that monster hangover, will be but a distant memory. You’ll find yourself standing by the office water cooler discussing what you got up to over the last two weeks. Now ask yourself a question; would it be better to have done the same thing as everybody else? Watched ‘Love Actually’ or ‘Only Fools and Horses’ or ‘insert James Bond film here’ or do you want to say you did something amazing; something special; something unique? Well, we know what our answer is going to be.

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Christmas isn’t something to fear. Christmas gives us great opportunities and all you need to do is take that step forward, so put that phone down and come and join us.

As much as we’d love to, we can’t do a huge amount about Mariah Carey or those relentless Christmas Sale adverts. What we can do however, is help you help yourself.

When you get asked ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ just ask for a Land & Wave voucher.

The gateway to Adventure is open.

Land & Wave Adventure Vouchers start at only £22 and you can order them here.

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by Matt Brown

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