Bushcraft on AIT- Your Chance to Shine

by TheBox Adventure

Bushcraft on AIT- Your Chance to Shine

Our Bushcraft experiences have exploded in popularity over the last year or so which is partly due to the fantastic experiences we put together but it’s also a reflection of a growing industry trend. It’s therefore a very important skill-set for instructors to have if you end up working for Land & Wave for anywhere else.

The absence of an NGB and an official qualification route makes for a less structured progression route. However Bushcraft is as its name suggests, a craft. It’s as much about being able to entertain and enthuse your group regardless of their age or experience as it is about learning the in’s and out’s of a deer carcass. There is so much scope for instructors to add their own personal flair and experiences we find it’s an opportunity for great instructors to shine and enchant their groups.

Here are a few photos from our current Accelerated Instructor Training (AIT) students in the woods last week:

Firelighting Fire Lighting Skills
Tucking into Seafood Tucking into Seafood
Seafood Dinner A full bushcraft seafood spreas
Plucking a pheasant Plucking a pheasant
Cray Fish on the fire Cray Fish on the fire
Cray Fish being cooked Cray Fish on a stick
Bushcraft Lesson A Bushcraft Lesson
Pheasant Plucking Partridge
An axe lesson An axe lesson!
A lesson in wood A lesson in wood
A lesson in knifes A lesson in knifes
Hand Drill Fire lighting Hand Drill Fire lighting