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Being an outdoor enthusiast usually means a love of nature, being inspired by the great outdoors and wanting to look after it!

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Be an Eco-warrior - it's Easy to Get Started

Being an outdoor enthusiast usually means a love of nature, being inspired by the great outdoors and wanting to look after it!

There are SO many ways you can to reduce your impact on the environment, the planet and GO GREEN!

Take a trip to your local ‘zero packaging’ shop. Take your own containers and pick up most staples without needing loads of pointless packaging.

Cereals, grains, pulses, nuts, dried fruit, rice, pasta, hand soap, shampoo, cleaning products…

Our local is Country Foods in Swanage and it’s great - you're bound to have one quite close (hopefully a walk or bike ride away).

Litter pick

Shop Local 

Shop local. Use markets for fresh produce. Take your own bags and select your fruits n veg from local produce without all the packaging.

Even better... grow your own - there’s little more satisfying than picking and eating food you have grown yourself, which is why slugs are my WORST enemy.

Wild fruit

Ditch Packaging

Pack a reusable bag and pick up litter while out and about, exploring and adventuring.

Be a tupperware lover... open one of my cupboards and you might be buried under all the tubs and pots that cascade out.

Ditch the 'convenient' pre-packaged lunches and make your own snacks to take out and about with you - more sustainable, tastier and cheaper.

Take a travel mug or reusable cup for your hot drinks.

Hot drink in a  hydro flask

Ditch Tampons

Ladies - ditch the tampons and sanitary pads. They're full of chemicals and create so much landfill. 

Try a mooncup and/or washable panty liners. Cheeky Wipes do some great ones and they also do a full 'pant' which did a great job of withholding all my post-baby bleeding... they work!

If you have a baby try reusable nappies and wipes - they are brilliant and we love using them.

Reduce your travel whenever possible... walk, use your bike, explore areas around your home.

Sam and the Fam

Buy Less Stuff

Reduce, reuse, re-purpose, recycle... in that order!

Don't buy so much stuff, reuse anything you can - this creates fun and satisfying projects and gives your 'junk' a new lease of life (Pinterest is awesome for ideas for this!)

If you can't donate it, reuse or repurpose it yourself then make sure it is recycled properly.

This is just the tip of the iceberg... there are SO many changes you can make and it does all make a difference.

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