Autumn Wild Camps in Dorset

by TheBox Adventure

Autumn Wild Camps in Dorset

We love September & October school trips! The crowds are gone, the sea is warm and the weather is just right.

Our Wild Camping trips are becoming more and more popular with schools looking for an enriching student experience at the start of the new school year.

Here’s one of our Wild Camping groups this week:





Great food plays a central role - it’s a delicious education

We think kids should know where their food comes from. Our mealtimes are interactive and children are invited to join our chefs in the alfresco kitchen to ask questions and get involved in the cooking process. Getting children engaged with food, cooking and learning about its origins is an education in itself.





Why choose Wild Camping for your year group?

  • Ideal for year group bonding
  • Enriching team building experiences
  • Make the most of Sept / Oct weather
  • Give students a taste of independence
  • A rewarding week that instils confidence

Want to know more?

Email or call 01202 460 440 for a bespoke quote based on your trip requirements