Authentic Adventure or Activity Camps?

by TheBox Adventure

Authentic Adventure or Activity Camps?

Chris Callaghan discusses why authentic adventure is so beneficial for our children

Outdoor Education is a thriving business these days; schools, youth clubs, colleges and almost everyone else realise the enormous benefits of off-site excursions with a twist of adventure. The joy of challenges shared amongst peers and overcome together, pushing boundaries, jumping gleefully into the unknown and emerging triumphant at the end of a long day… you just don’t get that in books and classrooms. But as an outdoor adventure company it’s what we do day in and day out.

Climbing on a wall - that’s not adventure!

With growth in demand, more and more outdoor adventure companies are setting up shop. Many thrive, delivering unforgettable experiences to thousands of children… but as such companies grow there’s a danger of losing sight of what’s important. Before they know it they’re no longer delivering high quality, grass roots, authentic adventure experiences – they’re Butlins with a climbing wall and a bit of archery.

The Great Outdoors is the answer

Sometimes these holiday camps can be fun; occasionally taking kids out of their comfort zones, teaching them some practical skills. But somehow the karaoke evenings, volleyball sessions, quiz nights and tower climbing of the larger holiday camps fall short of the real adventure offered by the more authentic adventure companies. Cliff-climbs, sea kayaking, coasteering, bushcraft weekends… that’s where the real adventure lies.  

Authentic adventure in Dorset

Here at Land and Wave we’re really seeing demand shift to the more authentic adventure experiences we work so very hard to deliver. Group leaders from myriad different organisations approach us on a regular basis looking for something different, something truly exciting, something perhaps a little closer to nature. With the Jurassic Coast right on our doorstep and the many and varied opportunities for adventure it offers, we’re well placed to oblige

Summer holiday adventure for kids

Land & Wave run Summer Adventure activities throughout August. To find out more about giving your child an authentic adventure experience click HERE