Adventure Undies | SAXX Underwear®

by Owen Senior Adventure

Adventure Undies | SAXX Underwear®

SAXX Underwear® | Adventure Changing Men’s Underwear?

Sometimes you find something that changes your experience of the things you love.

If you’ve battled with discomfort, chafage and pants that refuses to sit still under a drysuit you’ll know that most underwear is NOT built for the great outdoors.

A poor choice of under garment or, god forbid, going commando under a wetsuit can lead to scars, both mental and physical.

Recently we discovered something new, something quietly revolutionary, something good.

SAXX Underwear have been redesigning underwear, specifically to reduce chafing, for 10 years.

After 14 prototypes that design has become beautifully simple; a panelled fabric hammock, the BallPark Pouch™,  that separates your balls from your legs.

Today the focus remains the same: to equip you with game-changing, next-level underwear that allows you to move freely, without restriction — underwear that feels like it’s barely there, that elevates your everyday experiences, that just works.

It’s just SO simple and it WORKS

SAXX Underwear works by applying common sense to underwear design.

The BallPark Pouch, a hammock-shaped pouch, delivers friction-free comfort, thanks to mesh panels that prevent friction and keep everything in place. Simply put, two strips of contoured fabric stop your balls sticking to your leg - this makes a big difference to comfort, whether your sat at a desk or climbing a mountain.

Three-D Fit means that your underwear is cut to fit, the panels are contoured to move with you; Saxx don’t lose their shape hold and fit after an hour, they keep going all day long.

Flat Out Seams are a stroke of common sense genius, all raised seams are outward facing; the flatter, softer side is inward for maximum comfort

Wearing Saxx Underwear is a revelation, so much thought and design goes into technical outdoor gear we’re amazed that underwear this good hasn’t become the norm for adventure sports.

So far we’ve worn Saxx in the sea, on mountains, climbing crags, sat at desks, in dry suits, in wetsuits, paddling rivers and riding bikes; this underwear makes everything more comfortable.

Blacksheep are great to wear in the woods or anywhere a little extra warmth is appreciated.

Kinetic are superb for a full day in a wetsuit or a drysuit; longer legs and ‘semi compression’ remove the terrible risk of chafage.

Vibe are the perfect everyday underwear, great in the office and more than capable of holding their own should you need to throw on a wetsuit and head into the sea.

Some things in life are worth a little extra money.

Saxx are not the cheapest underwear you can buy but they will make a big difference to how much you enjoy what you do in them.

If you spend any time at all in the great outdoors, if you’ve ever suffered with chafage in a wetsuit or a ‘sticky ball’ walking up a mountain then you’ll know what a difference these pants could make.

Trust us, buy just one pair, just give them one chance. You might not look back.

They’ve changed what we do.

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