Accelerated Instructor Training 2016/17 | Week 10

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Accelerated Instructor Training 2016/17 | Week 10

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This week we’ve been braving the cold after another visit from Jack Frost and completing more qualifications.

  • First Aid - Outdoor Level 3
  • Duke of Edinburgh - Supervisor Assessment
  • Canoeing - BCU 3*
  • Kayaking - BCU 3* Sea
  • Navigation - SWMM - CC (South West Mountain & Moorland - Coastal & Countryside)

If you’ve been following instructor training for a while you’ll know that we’re in the midst of ticking off lots of assessments. Last week we happily reported that all the group had passed their Foundation, Safety & Rescue Training and that half had completed their First Aid and Navigation award. This week we’re delighted to report that EVERYONE has now passed First Aid and SWMM - taking the total up to 7 qualifications completed (and counting).


First Aid - Outdoor Level 3

One of the most exciting parts of the AIT this year is the new, improved, First Aid training. Sophie Tanner undertook her assessor training and has become a First Aid Jedi.

The two day course covers CPR, defibrillator (Automated External Defibrillator ) training, emergency response and dressing wounds. The course is focused around outdoor emergencies and how best to deal with different scenarios. Sophie led the groups through very active and hands on learning with plenty of role play, fake blood and outside backdrops - it was great!

We’re pleased to announce that everyone passed with flying colours. We hope they don’t have to use the training but if they do then they are definitely prepared.


Canoeing - BCU 3Kayaking - BCU 3 Sea

The group are all working towards two BCU 3 assessment coming up in a few weeks. They all headed to Blandford and explored the rivers of North Dorset, they also experienced white water in a canoe for the first time. Paddle sports enthusiast and Lead Instructor, Jack Campion, reported back that it was a great session and that everyone was developing their skills nicely to pass their BCU 3 assessment.


To complete this they all must -

  • Provide evidence of at least three different open canoe journeys, of about three hours duration each; one of these needs to be in an open water environment, and one on a river trip
  • Maintain a consistent British Canoeing 2 Star standard of performance in an open canoe is required for anyone starting to work towards the British Canoeing 3 Star Open Canoe Award.
  • Have the ability to swim confidently in the open water and river environment, wearing normal paddling clothes

As well as completing more Canoe journeys the the gang also logged another sea kayak journey. This time they headed to Portland and with a beautiful clear day and great sea conditions they were all able to make solid progress towards their assessment.

To complete it they all must -

  • Provide evidence of at least three different journeys on the sea, of about three hours duration each
  • Maintain consistent British Canoeing 2 Star standard of performance in the appropriate craft is before starting to work towards the British Canoeing 3 Star Sea Kayak Award.
  • Have the ability to swim confidently in the sea environment, wearing normal paddling clothes

We’ll keep you updated on future outings and how they all get on with their 3* skills. To read more about the assessment have a look here


What’s next…

The upcoming week is a big one for all the trainees as they journey to Dartmoor. They’ll spend Saturday to Saturday undertaking a range of expeditions to improve their climbing, coasteering and navigation. It’s a chance to put their skills to the test in new environments and explore different coastlines. A great way to really improve what they’ve been learning over the last 9 weeks and to push them onto their final assessments as the end of the course nears.

It’s going to be an exciting week and we’re looking forward to telling you all about it. Keep an eye out for sneak peaks on Facebook and Instagram during the week.

How you can get involved…

If you’re reading this and thinking this is something you’ve always wanted to do then now is the time! Applications are well and truly open for the 2017 Accelerated Instructor Training course and we’re gearing up for our first open day of the year. A fantastic chance to come down meet the instructors, find out more about the course and see how you can get started on your journey to become an outdoor instructor.

Join us in Swanage, Dorset at our Land & Wave HQ - BH19 1EJ and spend a day in the woods (there’s no better way to spend a day). All the details of the day are here

  • FREE transport from Poole & Bournemouth
  • Brief introduction about the course
  • Bushcraft survival skills
  • Campfire cooking
  • Refreshments served throughout the day

We look forward to seeing you there…