Accelerated Instructor Training 2016/17 - Week 1

by Phoebe Webster News

Accelerated Instructor Training 2016/17 - Week 1

Say hello to our new trainees


You may have noticed that we’ve been talking a lot about our Accelerated Instructor Training (AIT) Course.

Well it’s because we’re very excited about it! October/November is a very transitional time of year for Land & Wave. We wave goodbye to our beloved seasonal instructors, many of whom are graduate AIT’s, and we welcome a new bunch of recruits!

This year is our biggest and best year, after a whole year of planning, recruiting and preparing we’ve welcomed 16 wonderful people who have made the change and joined us for a wonderful winter.

The Facts

  • 14 weeks
  • 16 people
  • 17+ Qualifications
  • Life changing experience


Last week marked the start of the course and it was a jam packed first week of getting to know each other, exploring the area and get cracking on the qualifications.

Who they are -

We’ll be introducing these lovely adventurous people properly to you all very soon, they deserve a proper welcome!

In the meantime we caught up with Activities Manager and Course Leader, Paul Taylor to find out more about the first week.


What were the highs and lows of Week 1?

We literally jumped in at the deep end (3 full coasteering days, kayaking, RLSS course and bushcraft), so it’ was a very intensive but rewarding week.

It was full of highs but I’d have to say a stand out one has to be everyone passing their RLSS course (Royal Life Saving Society - National Water Safety Management Programme). I’m especially proud of that - it’s a great way to start the course.

There hasn’t really been any lows, we’re still sorting out kit sizes but that’s expected. Overall it’s been an amazing start to the course and a great week. Whilst I was definitely glad of a break at the weekend, as I’m sure everyone else is as they’ve all worked so hard. I couldn’t wait for this week and to progress further.

Has anyone stood out to you this week?

Everyone’s been great and all the Land & Wave team have made a point of saying how great it’s been working with them all. I’d have to say though that Ted has stood out for making it to the top of the Dancing Ledge hill first every time this week. Anyone who’s ever done that walk back up will know how impressive that is.


What’s in store for week 2?

We’ll spend Monday and Tuesday switching between Climbing and Kayaking. I’m especially excited to get the guys out there climbing, it’s my personal favourite and something I’m really looking forward to them starting.

Then on Wednesday and Thursday we’re onto Canoeing and Navigation and finishing up our week with some Coasteering on Friday. All in all not the worst way to spend a week, if I do say so myself.


This week we’ll be introducing you to the 16 adventurers who have made the change and started the journey to become outdoor instructors. Whilst you wait to get to know them check out the trainers who are taking them on the adventure.

There’s plenty to see on our Instagram and Facebook.

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