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Ever wondered what we get up to during the winter? Here’s an typical week land based week on our Outdoor Instructor Training Course

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An typical week on the Outdoor Instructor Training Course

The Outdoor Instructor Training with Land & Wave is a 15 Week Insensitive instructor training course where you can gain between 14-16 qualifications.

The qualifications give you the needed experience and knowledge to begin your career in the outdoors.

Land & Wave is based down in the beautiful seaside village of Swanage and is surrounded by some of the best coastline and woodland the UK has to offer.

The dramatic coastline creates some of the best climbing locations in the South of England.

Whilst the woodlands make for some incredible Bushcraft hideouts which are the perfect place to hone your forest skills.

The course is split into 2 sections, land based and water based. Half the trainees will complete land based activities for the first half of the course and the others will train water based activities.

The groups then switch after Christmas.

So to give you an idea of what a winter down in Dorset is like, here is a typical land based week on the Outdoor Instructor Training course.

Monday - Rock Climbing

DSC 0314

The start of the week will start off with a recap from the previous climbing sessions or if it is your first climbing session, we’ll start off with the basics.

From knot tying to abseiling the RCI (Rock Climbing Instructor) award teaches you everything you’ll need to know about single pitch rock climbing.

Our coaches are the best in the business and have invested countless hours to become rock climbing pros.

This means they are able to teach you all you’ll need to know to make sure your safe when scaling the sea cliffs.

Tuesday - Rock Climbing

DVP 7.5.18 pics 8 min

During the Outdoor Instructor Training course you’ll be in small groups of around 8 people. This means you get plenty of 1 on 1 time with the coaches so they can help you develop at your own pace.

Everyone learns at different speeds and being in small groups enables us to make sure everyone gets the attention they need.

You will also stay in these groups throughout the course so you will begin to learn and develop from your fellow trainees too.

This is a great way to progress your own personal skills as well as enhance your coaching and instructing skills.

Wednesday - Bushcraft

UC1B7399 min

We make sure there is variety in your week!

This gives you time to consolidate the skills learnt in other activities as well as keeping your skills fresh in others.

To make sure you keep developing your skills we get external coaches to come in and train you as well.

This is a great opportunity to pick a new person's brain about an activity.

These external coaches are experts in their particular field, meaning they are filled to the brim with knowledge and experience, ready to teach you something new.

Thursday - Bushcraft

Fire 3 (1) min

The woods we have access to on the course create the perfect place to learn and develop your Bushcraft skills.

In the kit package you’ll get your very own Bushcraft knife which we’ll show you how to use and how to create everything from feather sticks to carving spoons.

We will also teach you the importance of knife safety and how to keep your knife ‘shaving’ sharp.

Bushcraft isn’t just about lighting fires and roasting marshmallows. We find it is one of the best activities for instructors to find their ‘instructor voice’.

Throughout the course we get local school groups to come in for a Bushcraft session. This gives you the opportunity to practice the skills with actually clients.

We believe this is a super important part of the course as it gives you the opportunity to instruct to real groups, along with giving the coaches the chance to see how they can develop you into the best instructors possible.

Fridays - Lowland Leader (hiking)

UC1B0274 min

Dorset is filled with loads of amazing locations so we make sure we utilise them all during your weeks on the course.

Each environment leads to learning new skills and techniques in your personal skills as well as your instructing/coaching ability too.

From Coastal footpaths to heathland trails the Purbecks are full of amazing and beautiful places to explore.

This creates the perfect place for you to develop your navigational skills. Your Lowlander leader provides you with the needed skills to become a DofE supervisor.

DofE is a great way for you as an instructor to show children how great the outdoors is and show them what adventure in the UK is all about.

Saturday & Sunday

Corrymoor 8 min

Saturday & Sunday are usually your days off and you are free to do whatever.

Dorset and the Purbecks are filled with loads of amazing places to go and explore.

The weekends are also a great time to relax, refuel and recharge after a busy week of activities.

There are also lots of local pubs where you can spend time unwinding and laughing about the adventures you’ve all been up to during the past week.

We also run workshops and evening seminars on lots of different subjects e.g; CV writing, Job Hunting, Health, Adventure, Travel (etc) to help you progress and develop in the outdoors.

If the Outdoor Instructor Training Course sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can find out more information here.

We also have our first Open Days coming up on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

If you’re interested or would like to know more please send an email titled ‘OIT Open Day’ to jonny@landandwave.co.uk and we can give you some more info.



To find out more about our Water Based Weeks check out our blog here.

by Jonny Berry

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