A Peep inside Land & Wave

by Graham Milton News

A Peep inside Land & Wave

Behind the looking glass

We have a staff Facebook Group which we use to share information, feedback amongst the team. Here are a few snippets to give you an insight into our staff, what we get up to and into the industry.

We hit ‘The Big 500’ reviews on Trip Advisor…

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.29.35

Awesome Feedback for Rich, who did our Accelerated Instructor Course back in 2014

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.26.51

Tom Park reminding everyone its in the detail…

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.27.39

Phoebe, our Marketing Partner distributing some feedback from Instagram

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.27.49

Chris Metcalfe, who graduated from our BTEC in Outdoor Adventure and has just completed his apprenticeship and is now a crucial member of the staff team

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.28.35

Arianda is our wonderful Schools Manager

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.29.19

Djamila, our newest Marketing Partner

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.29.07

Carl runs Crab Apple Catering who are an integral part of the Land & Wave experience

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.28.56

Sophie Eaton has graduated from our BTEC course and is now our apprentice and is already smashing in the great feedback

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.29.47


Every little helps…

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.31.02

Its in the detail….

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.34.08

Always people to help for a free dinner!

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.33.45

Jack’s ‘prize’ from a school group he hosted!

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.28.09

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