A Brief History of Coasteering...

by Alex Mortimer Adventure

A Brief History of Coasteering...

A brief history of Coasteering

You’ve probably heard the word Coasteering used around Land & Wave. A lot.

Take people + the rugged Jurassic coastline + a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid and you get real exploration; traversing the impact zone between high and low tides and hurling yourself in the sea.


Coasteering was kicked off by a huge increase in participation in adventure sports in the later half of the 20th century. At first it was just a way for climbers to access hard to reach coves and crags but quickly grew into an activity in its own right.

The word ‘coasteering’ appears first to have been used in 1973 in the book ‘Sea Cliff Climbing’: a few enthusiasts believe that coasteering will become popular and has a big future.

By the 1990’s coasteering was an excellent, commercially guided activity in the South West and Wales.

It’s grown vastly in popularity, and you don’t need any previous experience to try it. It’s great for everyone from 8 - 76 (really, that’s our oldest client so far).


At an advanced level, coasteering requires the knowledge and ability to read the tides, waves and currents, and be competent scrambling over exposed rocks.

It’s exhilarating. You leap from cliffs, play in waves and scramble the rocks with a trained instructor. Better still - the sea’s still warm AND it’s half price on November 5th & 13th at just £25pp!

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