8 Reasons to Train to be an Outdoor Instructor with Land & Wave

by Alex Mortimer Adventure

8 Reasons to Train to be an Outdoor Instructor with Land & Wave

Winter Instructor Training with Land & Wave

In 3 months’ time, our 14-week Accelerated Instructor Training begins again, offering 14 weeks of intensive training for the outdoor industry and everything surrounding it. We’ve herded the best benefits of working in the outdoor industry below:

  1. Countless hours under sun & stars. Kayaking, coasteering, waves, mountains and the wild. You will spend the vast majority of your year outside. No air conditioning, no strip lights. How glorious. DSC_9327
  2. Leadership Instructing groups and guiding them outdoors in unfamiliar environments and out of their comfort zones puts you in the prime position to grow as a leader, fast. It’s a job that will shape and mould you for life. AIT3
  3.  The Landscape Nowhere compares to Mother Nature’s playground. The great outdoors is in our blood. Working on rivers and trails, guiding lovely people over mountains and oceans through sun, snow, rain or shine. Incredible landscapes are on the horizon for outdoor instructors. Discover. Explore. Adventure. Always. AIT10
  4. Fitness Physical activity at work helps to create a really vibrant, healthy lifestyle and an absolutely unique and work/life balance. A great part of working outdoors is the amount of cake that it’s essential to eat, especially in the winter. AIT13
  5. Like-Minded People Your vibe attracts your tribe. Having a team of like minded people around you living the outdoor life is one of the most uplifting things in the world, and it’s easy to love the people you work with. Your community of co-workers soon become your best friends. AIT12
  6. Gearing Up Puffy jackets? Safety ropes, harnesses & ridiculously warm sleeping bags? Get great deals to buy the gear you’ve wanted for years. Most outdoor workers are gear junkies, and for good reasons - great kit keeps you warm, safe and comfortable. AIT6
  7.  Reconnecting Find inspiration in the outdoors, a connection you could never find in an office. You’ll appreciate every moment out there, even with cold toes in winter and sunburn in summer. AIT11
  8. Opening Doors The doors that open once you’re qualified are boundless. Outdoor Instructors can transfer their skills to purse adventure photography, film making and adventure/travel journalism. The choice is yours, the opportunities are endless and the future is bright. P1110222

“The world’s big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ~ John Muir

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