5 reasons to experience Family Bushcraft - November 6

by Alex Mortimer Adventure

5 reasons to experience Family Bushcraft - November 6

Family Bushcraft

According to Mintel research 2016, over half of all parents believe that families today are not as close as they used to be, reflecting how pressures of modern life are preventing them from enjoying important quality time with their children.

Thanks to the likes of Bear Grylls and Ray Mears, wilderness survival is under the spotlight. In step with the Christmas countdown - we’re offering 2 hour family bushcraft sessions on November 6; bringing you amazing family bonding in a fun, affordable way.


Here’s why you should experience it this winter:

  1. Parent/child relationship boost Spending time together as a family helps foster the parent/child relationship. It also helps children feel like they are part of a support system; inspiring confidence & boosting the happy hormone. So grab your gloves, scarves & flasks and gather round the fire!
  2. More confident kids Evidence shows that children benefit from higher self-esteem and social confidence when they spend quality time with their parents.
  3. The outdoor escape Getting in tune with nature the way life was ‘supposed’ to be, even just for a little while, can be extremely therapeutic. Physical boosts and mood lifts. There’s nothing like getting in the great outdoors together on a crisp day.
  4. Gain valuable skills while you bond Learning life skills to live off the land provides kids & adults the confidence to deal with adverse situations; helping people think better on their feet and see things from a new perspective.
  5. The perfect bargain Just £12.50pp for 2 hours - what’s not to love?!
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