Free Adventure Weekend For Teachers – Dorset – Get Involved

When is it?

7 –  8 October 2018 (Sat-Sun)

What is it?

It’s a FREE adventure weekend in Dorset just for teachers! A weekend of adventure activities, comfortable accommodation (with a swimming pool, sports pitches & movie room), great food and the chance to get a real feel for Land & Wave school trips.

 What will you do?

Coasteering, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Bushcraft around a campfire…
   Discover all our adventure activities for yourself
Experience our comfortable residential accommodation
   You’ll discover Harrow House – the facility we use for many residentials
Sample the excellent food
   Adventure fuel – breakfast, lunch AND dinner – it’s all part of the experience.
‣ Meet the friendly Land & Wave team
  Say hello to our friendly, experienced team who could be running your future school trips
Meet other teachers
  Enjoy adventures with like-minded people

Who is it for?

This is for teachers, heads and senior leaders who are responsible for booking school trips. You MUST be DBS checked.
Land & Wave school trips are suitable for Year 4 pupils upwards (min age 8).

Unfortunately we cannot accept teachers from infant schools.

Grab a colleague and book yourself in HERE before places go


The Price of Adventure: Ultimate Challenge Week.

How much does adventure cost?

Not much! A walk in the woods, climbing a hill and jumping in the sea are all free. You don’t have to spend money to head outdoors.

Sometimes you might choose to try a new activity, in an unfamiliar landscape that could require specialist equipment that you don’t want to buy.

Occasionally it’s useful to pay for an adventure experience. Be careful when paying for adventure experiences; sometimes it’s better to avoid the cheapest deal and instead look for quality and value.

What are you paying for?

When you hand over your hard earned cash for an adventure experience you are paying for VAT, staff (your instructor and whoever managed your booking), equipment, logistics (fuel etc), insurance, fixed costs and profit margin in varying proportion e.g.

Coasteering for 8 adults with Land & Wave: £360

VAT  = £60 (this goes to HMRC)
Staff = £140 (two instructors .5 day and a small amount to cover administration)
Logistics, fixed costs and equipment = £72
Profit = £88 (24%)

At Land & Wave a proportion of profit gets reinvested in training and development for coasteering, a proportion is taken as a dividend by the shareholders, most is reinvested back into the company (that’s why Land & Wave has grown quickly and consistently)

Ultimate Challenge Week

We’re really proud of our Ultimate Challenge Week, it’s an epic experience that can help young adults learn a little about themselves, other people and the great outdoors.

We can only offer Ultimate Challenge Week when we have staff and resources available, normally during March and Early April

It’s a 5 day trip with a significant journey/ experience/ challenge/ achievement every day. Ultimate Challenge Week costs £375 per person.

Sometimes new clients quite rightly compare the cost of this 5 day adventure in the great outdoors with 5 day trips offered by PGL and JCA (etc) during the winter. We thought we’d be really open about our costs running the week.

Our normal group size is 16 people: £6000

VAT = £1000
Staff Costs = £1250 (two staff for 5 days)
Accommodation = £1450
Food = £730
Transport = £560
Specialist staff, fixed costs and equipment = £420
Profit = £590 (10%)Fair Competition?

When we sell coasteering in Dorset our competitors can offer cheaper prices (sometimes as low as £19); that’s good – it means that we have to work hard and be innovative to show our clients why they should book with us instead. Clients can choose a price point and an experience that works for them and their budget.

When we sell residential experiences we often find ourselves competing with companies that pay less than the living wage (normally by employing junior staff as ‘volunteers’ or ‘apprentices’).

The biggest single market in the Outdoor and Adventure sector is schools residentials. Large companies competing with each other for that market pay the majority of their staff less than a living wage by recruiting them as ‘apprentices’.

At the time of writing large, multi centre, activity companies are offering two night residential experiences for £49 – £66 and a 4 night residential experience for £109 – £149 during January – April (inclusive) 2018.

These prices are great for clients, some young people will have a great time for a really low cost.

Low cost activity holidays from big, multi centre, companies are sometimes used for price comparison when prospective customers consider real adventure experiences.

Rhetoric about low pay in the outdoor, adventure sector is common; we’d argue that until such time that large companies are prevented from using apprentices as the bulk of their staff teams, wages will stay lower than the UK average.

Many small – mid sized adventure companies cannot pay what experienced and qualified staff deserve while they are forced to compete with large, multi centre, activity companies that, mostly, employ apprentices.

Perhaps large, multi centre, activity companies normally employ apprentices so they do not have to pay them minimum wage, rather than them having a strong desire to provide junior staff with quality training?

Land & Wave is based in Dorset, business is good, we’ve got lots of wonderful school clients that we love working with.

Sometimes we have to explain why our school trips cost a bit more than trips with big activity companies; that’s a good thing – we love talking about how amazing real adventure in Dorset is.

Here’s some more info about wages in the outdoors (inc what we pay our staff).

£10 Activities THIS November

November is a GREAT time to get outdoors in Dorset.

The sea is still warm, the tourists have gone home, the coast is incredible and the woods are glorious.

During November, we’re offering Coasteering and Weapons in the Woods for just £10 (Saturdays 10.00 – 13.00).

Join us either 4, 11, 18 or 25 November.

We have 20 spaces on each session so get in quick – we’re already getting a lot of bookings!

Maximum of 6 people per booking. Suitable for all – minimum age is 8 for both activities.

Both sessions are running at the same time so if you fancy coming to both, come back the next week and try the other one – you won’t regret it.

Why are we doing this?

Well apart from that  it’s great. There is no better days than being in the water or the woods – even in November, trust us!

Our Outdoor Instructor Training course starts on 30th October; we love to give our trainees loads of experience on real activity sessions during their training.

Every £10 session is led by our experienced, full-time instructors and assisted by a few of our trainees (so they can learn from the masters)

These sessions are great for our trainees’. Your session will be loads of fun and it’ll really help us to train the next generation of outdoor instructors, what’s not to love. And above all you’re getting a great deal and who doesn’t love a bargain!

Book online for 1 – 6 people


Outdoor Instructor Training – What to Bring (Top 5)

Outdoor Instructor Training is brilliant. The equipment provided within the kit package is great.

Outdoor Instructor Training takes place between October and March. It can get cold; it even rains every now and again.

Staying warm, dry and comfortable is really important, it helps you learn faster and you’re way more likely to enjoy yourself.

Most of the essentials are included in the equipment package which is available to all candidates…

What’s not included?

There are a few things that can make a big difference to staying warm and comfortable that aren’t included.

We don’t include them in the equipment package as they are too ‘personal’ in terms of choice and fit, it’s important that these things work really well for you!

Woolly Socks  

Having cold feet is rubbish! A mid winter day in the woods or on the hill can get chilly; especially if you’re not moving about very much.

Good woolly socks can make a huge difference to how comfortable you are; they should have a good wool content, not be to tight and be as thick as your foot wear will comfortably allow.

Try these guys for good value socks.

Top Tip – wearing thick socks under boots or shoes that are a bit tight can make your feet colder. It’s way better to have some room in your footwear to allow your woolly socks to do what they’re designed to do (keep your feet toasty).

Welly Boots 

If you’re not travelling very far, if you’re going to be stood around quite a lot then wellies are brilliant at keeping your feet dry and warm. Combined with a great pair of socks (or two) they are the ideal footwear, especially for a day in the woods.

Welly Boot are really cheap, you don’t have top spend loads of cash to stay comfortable: There’s loads on amazon…

Base Layers

You can buy great, inexpensive, base layers from Lidl, Aldi, Decathlon and loads of other places. No one is going to see what brand you have on so choose layers that are good value, comfortable and warm that wont get to smelly. Polyester and Nylon base layers will get stinky quite quickly, bamboo and wool base layers are more expensive but smell less.

Top Tip: Base layers are really light and take up very little space, they’re perfect for chucking in a bag as an extra layer for if you start to feel cold.

Hat’s, Scarves, Gloves 

You’ll get some great gloves and a hat in the equipment package but it’s always worth having some spares. Sometimes you’ll want really thick and chunky cold weather protection, sometimes you’ll want thinner more breathable kit that lets you move fast without making you sweat. You don’t have to spend lots of money to make sure you’ve always got the ability to wrap up that bit warmer.

Top Tip: Fleece hats, gloves and scarves are cheap and work really well when it’s wet.


A good, hard wearing, rucksack that’s big enough for a days equipment, extra layers, food and drink is really important. A pack that has a volume of 20 – 30 litres is great for a days worth of stuff. It’s better to buy some ‘dry bags’ to go inside your pack than trying to find a waterproof rucksack. Even the most water tight of packs wont stay that way for ever.

We think that buying something as simple as possible is the best way to go. Ruck sacks that have lots of straps, buckles and pouches have more things to break and more things to snag.

Top Tip: A pack made from heavy duty fabric might be a bit heavier but it will last you A LOT longer.


You don’t have to spend loads of money on equipment to stay warm, dry and comfortable. Looking after your equipment, washing it, drying it and fixing it is good for your wallet, good for the environment and good for the soul.

Outdoor Instructor Training starts in 7 weeks – we can’t wait!

Outdoor Instructor Training: Coaches, Trainers and Assessors 2017.

During the Summer Land & Wave helps thousands of people have adventures in Dorset, Wales and the Alps – we get really, really busy.

During the Winter Land & Wave trains Outdoor Instructors. We run a full time BTEC course in Outdoor Education and from November – March run an incredible Outdoor Instructor Training course.

What makes our training stand out? Our coaches, trainers and assessors; our amazing full time staff and the brilliant specialists that visit us.


Land & Wave does NOT rely on 2 or 3 people to try and teach everything on our courses; we know that people need to be taught by specialist, knowledgeable, passionate instructors and coaches – the best in the business in fact.

Working with more than 15 coaching and training professionals over 15 weeks of professional training means you have LOTS of different coaching styles, personalities and decades of accumulated experience to learn from.


What makes our training really stand out is the number and the quality of the excellent staff  that work with us to make sure our courses are the best we can possibly deliver.

As a trainee you benefit from a huge variety of teaching styles and techniques which will help you learn and enjoy learning.

Our Coaches; Trainers and Assessors, Winter 2017 – 2018.

#People – We know that adventures are better with brilliant people. Our staff are kind, compassionate and fun.

#Honest – We’re really open and honest when we work with each other. Talking to each other is the most important part of how we stay good at what we do.

#Epic – We give a shit. We want our clients and trainees to have incredible experiences. We want our clients to love the outdoors as much as we do.

Paul Taylor – ‘The Management’

Loves all things climbing. Has spent more time on the Jurassic Coast than the dinosaurs. Challenge him to a Paddle Board race (we dare you).

Specialities: Climbing, Coasteering,

Paul TaylorMatt Roberts – Lead Instructor 

Matt loves being wet, playing rugby and eating sandwiches, he has boundless enthusiasm, years of wisdom and, occasionally, incredible hair.

Specialities: Mountains, Sea Kayaking, Hair Care

Matt Roberts

Sophie Tanner – ‘The Management’ 

Loves the ocean and jumping in the sea, a wise old sage of Land & Wave with decades of experience working with groups.

Specialities: Bushcraft, Coasteering, Headbands
Sophie Tanner Bushcraft

Jack Campion – Lead Instructor 

Loves a river. Has phosphorescent eye brows and an epic ginger beard, ask him to do the fire triangle rave.

Specialities:  Kayaking, CoasteeringJack Campion

Owen Senior – Trainer 

Wrote the book on bushcraft (literally), incredible ginger beard, impervious to waves and cold (is quite fat).

Specialities:  Bushcraft, Coasteering, Canoeing Owen Senior

Sam Locke – BTEC Teacher, Lead Instructor

Will teach anything to anyone if  she has 10 minutes and a sharpie. Can run a marathon fuelled solely on melon and carrot sticks. Sam graduated Outdoor Instructor Training 2013/14.

Specialities: Teaching, Coaching, Melon

Sam Locke

Graham Milton – Lead Instructor

Once lived in London, loves a kayak, occasionally experiments with restrained facial hair, calm and considered.

Specialities: Kayaking, Rivers, Blue Steel, MagnumGraham Milton

Jonny Berry – Lead Instructor

Lithe, compact – perfectly formed. Loves a paddle board, has perfected the ‘paddle board pose’.  Jonny graduated Outdoor Instructor Training 2014/15.

Specialities: Paddle boarding, The wearing of hats, Staying warm despite being so damn thin. Ray Goodwin – Canoe Specialist 

Wrote the book on canoeing (literally), thoroughly nice chap, decades of experience and knowledge.

Specialities: Canoeing, Canoeing, Canoeing
Ray Goodwin

Will Moy – Climbing Specialist 

Climbs like a fish and swims like a monkey. The only person we know that can surf but not stand on a paddle board.

Specialities: Climbing, Mountains, Dashing Good Looks

Will Moy

Sam Waites – Kayak Specialist

We’ve known Sam for years, he’s an excellent human being and a kayaking wizard. Loves being in a boat, especially on a river.

Specialities: Kayaking, Kayaking, Kayaking

Sam WaiteDavid Mutton – Trainer

Paddle Boarding guru, master of risk assessment, BTEC teacher extraordinaire. Land & Wave’s longest serving member of staff.

Specialities: Paddle Boarding, Teaching, StubbleDave Mutton

Paul Smith – White Water Specialist 

Experienced and approachable, a great coach who inspires confidence. Great to learn from, brilliant to spend a day on (or in) the river with.

Specialities: Kayaking, Climbing, White Water Paul Smith

Darren Joy – Coaching Specialist 

A full time BCU Level 5 Coach with a loads of river experience under his boat, a Canoe England national trainer for safety and rescue and leadership awards.

Specialities: Kayaking, Coaching, DevelopmentDarrren Joy

Jamie Corry – Bushcraft Specialist

A mild mannered man of the woods, Jamie’s been helping us with British Bushcraft Association assessments for ages. Large, bearded and slightly Scottish.

Specialities: Bushcraft, Deer, Kilts

We’re always looking for more brilliant instructors, coaches and assessors to help us develop our training courses…

Land & Wave help people have incredible adventures in Dorset, the UK and Europe.

Every winter we run an Outdoor Instructor Training course that we’re really proud of.

Visit our website:

Find us on Facebook:

Get out there and find your adventure…

Outdoor Instructor Training – Getting Experience Before the Course 

Outdoor Instructor Training – Getting Experience Before the Course 

The Land & Wave Outdoor Instructor Training Course is MUCH more than 15 weeks training and 16+ outdoor instructor qualifications. We provide lots of pre-course experience too.
Our aim is to develop well-rounded outdoor professionals. The best way to do this is to provide you with loads of opportunities to work different groups, in different conditions across different activities.
The winter is all about learning and perfecting new skills and gaining qualifications.
Time before your course (that’s now!) provides the perfect chance to get lots of experience alongside our instructors; joining them on sessions, watching how they work and spending as much time as possible in, on and around the water, crag and woods.
As soon as you sign up to the Outdoor Instructor Training course you are offered as much pre-course experience as you want to cram in before the start of the course in November.

Pre-Course Experience and Training 

  1. Free unlimited experience – Starts from today
  2. Free week long residential – August 2017
  3. Free outdoor instructor weekend – 2 & 3 Sept 2017

Why it’s Important

Group Experience – Part of being an instructor is knowing how to lead various groups from school kids to stags groups. We work hard to deliver awesome experiences for every type of client.
Develop your own skills – Whilst shadowing, you’ll be honing your own technical skills, group management, risk assessment and expertise.
Learn from lots of different instructors – We’re incredibly proud of the awesome instructors we employ; lots of them are past trainees who have completed the course. We employ some of the best, most driven people in the industry who love coaching and working in the outdoors.
Learn about ocean, weather and landscape – You’ll start tuning in to tides, ocean swell, wind and become a weather guru in time for the winter.
How to Shadow Sessions
Shadow as many sessions as you want during the Summer – it’s unlimited. We recommend you get a well-rounded view of the industry by trying all the activities we offer.
Once you’re signed up just email or call the office on 01929 423 031. Let us know what day you’re free and we’ll get you booked in. We include all the equipment you need.
A day at Land & Wave starts at 08.00 and finishes at around 17.00. You’ll get stuck-in on sessions, helping to kit-up groups, interacting with clients before and after the activity and (of course) take part in the session itself.

Free Residential Shadowing

You are welcome to join us for a full 5 days if you wish. During the week, you’ll be camping at our private campsite (tent & meals provided) and immersing yourself in outdoor company life.
This is an amazing chance to shadow our whole range of activities.

Dates available 

  • 31 July – 4 August
  • 14 – 18 August
  • 21 – 25 August
To arrange this, email or call 01929 423 031 to book your place.

Pre-Course Weekend

Before the course starts, we host a weekend of pre-course training. You’ll meet your fellow trainees and coaches, get to know the area, go out on the activities and learn loads about the course.
When:  2 – 3 September 2017
Arrive at 09.30 Saturday 2 September (accommodation available Friday night on request).
This pre-course weekend is exclusively for people that have already signed up to the course and paid the deposit.
We’re really proud of our Outdoor Instructor Training Course.
Get in touch today.

Jobs at Land & Wave – Instructor (Training Package)

Jobs at Land & Wave – Instructor (Training Package) 

Start date – Monday 30th October 2017

We want to grow our full time team.

We’re looking for an Outdoor Instructor who will work in the great outdoors 5 days per week.

The starting salary for this position is £18,000.

This is a training role, we expect to invest very heavily in developing this person’s qualifications and experience.

All training and assessment courses will be paid for by Land & Wave based on a minimum return of service.

This role will be physically and mentally demanding; time off will be spent attending courses and building log book experience.

The Job

Your first 3-6 months will be spent helping us to deliver adventures for our clients, outdoor instructor training and BTEC practical sessions. You’ll use that time to develop your coaching skills and build your log books ready for assessments during Spring 2018.

We hope that by April 2018 you’ll be promoted to Team Leader or Lead Instructor and help us manage and improve our staff team and activities during a very busy season.  You’ll help manage a team, assist with coordinating big projects and take responsibility for key areas that fit your skill set.

Once you’ve been with us a year, we’ll work with you to develop you within an activity-based management role.

You’ll work an average of 44 hours over 5 days a week.

You’ll get 28 days holiday per year.

The Training Package 

We’ll pay for lots of training and qualifications. You’ll get enough relevant coaching time to make huge difference to your log book. As a guide only, over two years, we’d expect you to achieve…

  • BCU Level 2 Coach
  • 4 star Sea Leader
  • 4 star Canoe Leader
  • Mountain Leader Summer
  • SPA
  • D1 Mini Bus Driver
  • Whatever else you have the ability and motivation to succeed at

We’ll pay for all training in full. Time to complete training and assessment courses will be your days off or holiday allocation.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience 

(please don’t apply unless you have these or will have them by Monday 30th October 2017)

  • 2 years experience working within the outdoor industry
  • SPA Training
  • Bushcraft Experience (ability to lead half day sessions for kids)
  • Some coasteering experience
  • BCU Level One Coach
  • A BCU 3 Star Leader Award (or be ready for assessment)
  • A driving licence 

Who We Want

The ability to work with other people and build really positive long term working relationships is essential.

You must be kind and compassionate.

You should be; enthusiastic, articulate and innovative; the ability to adapt, overcome and create solutions (rather than just pointing out problems) is really important.

We value trust, loyalty and friendship above most other things…


This role will be hard work, it will test you physically and mentally; most weekends will be spent on courses or building your log book. You will need to carefully manage your own fitness to perform within a  Instructor role and be successful in your own training.

All training and assessment courses will be paid for by Land & Wave based on a minimum return of service.

Please research the company and local area before you apply for the job.

How to Apply

Please apply before Friday the 4th of August 2017.

Interviews will be held, by arrangement, during August

To apply please send a CV and cover letter via email to Please use ‘Instructor (Training Package)’ as the title of your email.

Please don’t send a CV that’s more than two pages long.

If you have any questions about this position please send me an email. Be clear, specific and concise.

Land & Wave People – Sophie Tanner – Operations

Land & Wave People – Sophie Tanner

An Adventure is always better when you have brilliant people to share it with.

Land & Wave people are wonderful human beings, our little company wouldn’t be half as much fun without them.

Every single person that works for Land & Wave helps to shape what we do and how we do it.


Sophie Tanner – Operations 

Sophie is in charge of making sure things at Land & Wave actually happen; when they’re supposed to and how they’re supposed to. She makes sure people and equipment are in the right place at the right time. Somehow she also finds the time to jump in the sea, get in the woods and teach our brilliant BTEC course – she’s a master of all things Land & Wave.

Sophie lives in Swanage, she has a springer spaniel called Roxy, drives a MASSIVE van and loves the sun, cheese and the finer things in life.

Sophie has been working for Land & Wave for 8 years. She refuses to believe that it has been quite that long.

Sophie Tanner – Facts and Figures

Special skill: Accessorising

Hair: 9/10 – under control almost 50% of the time…

Arts and Crafts: 8/10 – if you need a jumper knitted or a wall hanging macraméd then Soph is your girl

Favourite food: Cheese.

Favourite place to be: On the beach or in the sea. Anywhere sunny.

Looks great in: Head bands

Sophie Tanner at Land & Wave

Sophie had dreams of being a club rep; instead she came to work for Land & Wave. She is SUPER organised and hardly ever relies on working really hard at the last minute.

Sophie teaches on the BTEC course, trains our instructors, runs first aid courses, co-ordinates staffing and loads more. She’s pretty indispensable and we’re always a little nervous that, one day, she’ll realise that.

What Sophie says

Favourite thing about working for Land & Wave: Being outside when it’s sunny. Jumping in the sea.

Favourite thing: Van life, trips away, windy beaches, sunny days after a grey winter.

What on earth will I be doing in 5 years: More things in the sunshine…

Love Land & Wave People!

Land & Wave People – Owen Senior – Business Development

Land & Wave People – Owen Senior 

An adventure is always better when you have brilliant people to share it with.

Land & Wave people are wonderful human beings, our little company wouldn’t be half as much fun without them.

Every single person that works for Land & Wave helps to shape what we do and how we do it.

Owen Senior – Business Development  

Owen is a full time ‘Jack of all trades’ he works in the office figuring out how to create new bigger, better, adventures and how to shout about them; occasionally he’s allowed out of the office to jump in the sea or play in the woods.

Owen lives in Swanage, has two Labradors, drives a Pick Up Truck and has a mighty beard.

Owen has been working for Land & Wave for 8 years. He is old now.

Owen Senior the Facts and Figures

Special skill: Being so calm and patient absolutely all of the time

Hair: 1/10 (He hasn’t got any)

Beard: 8/10 (Solid)

Arts and Crafts: 1/10 Owen can’t draw, paint or knit. His hands are too big and clumsy

Favourite food: Meat

Favourite place to be: Anywhere lots of people aren’t

Looks great in: Tweed

Owen Senior at Land & Wave

Owen is part of the furniture at Land & Wave, he makes himself useful despite being so old and tired.

Owen drinks a completely normal and average amount of coffee, his coffee consumption is sometimes exaggerated by people to explain his extraordinary productivity

Owen is quite fat, he is the only person at Land & Wave that wears a XXL uniform T- Shirt.

What Owen says

Favourite thing about working for Land & Wave: People – everyone is kind and considerate most of the time.

Favourite thing: Food, People, Quiet

Why don’t I shave my beard off: Why don’t you go shave your face off?

What on earth will I be doing in 5 years: Growing tomatoes

Love Land & Wave People!

Land & Wave People – Jack Campion – Lead Instructor

Land & Wave People – Jack Campion 

An Adventure is always better when you have brilliant people to share it with.

Land & Wave people are wonderful human beings, our little company wouldn’t be half as much fun without them.

Every single person that works for Land & Wave helps to shape what we do and how we do it.

Jack Campion – Lead Instructor 

Jack is a full time Lead Instructor, he spends loads of time out in the landscape helping people have Epic Experiences, he helps us develop our staff team, coordinates residentials and works really hard.

Jack lives in Swanage, LOVES a kayak, spends hours in his allotment and drives a super pimp, almost new, shiny, not smelly at all van.

Jack has been working for Land & Wave off and on for 7 years, he’s been part of the full time team for 2 years.

Jack Campion the Facts and Figures

Special skill: Locating and eating chicken

Hair: 5/10 (There are more important things to worry about in life)

Arts and Crafts: 7/10 Jack has won awards for flower arranging and growing the largest marrow in East Dorset

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite place to be: Rivers

Looks great in: Anything which doesn’t make him look a bit pale

Jack Campion at Land & Wave

Jack is a full time Lead Instructor; he helps Land & Wave train instructors and sets high standards, he make sure our evening our activities are good enough.

Jack struggles to find T-shirts that fit. He doesn’t have fat shoulders. We’re working with our uniform suppliers to get this worked out.

Jack has worked for Land  & Wave in various guises since he was 18. He’s part of the family!

What Jack Says

Favourite thing about working for Land & Wave: Higher that average ratio of ginger people

Favourite thing: My Kayak

Why I don’t get rid of my van: Because it hardly ever breaks anymore

What on earth will I be doing in 5 years: No idea!


Love Land & Wave People!